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We create bespoke soft furnishings for interior designers and architects. Our clients bring their colour swatches and mood boards and together we create wonderful cushions, throws and wall hangings to enrich their projects. Because we hand dye all our own linens, we have a wide spectrum of colours to choose from. We embellish our textiles in beadwork using old African trade beads, glass seed beads or string stitches. We do hand embroidery using thick cotton yarns to give a bold new look to an time old tradition. Our Ghanaian machine embroidery, the kind of work found on garments in West Africa, provides striking and enduring detail that brings a special element to any interior. We enjoy working with designers to create unique products just for them. 


our team

  • Heather Lund-Truter
    Heather Lund-Truter Creative Director

    A fabric afficionado, with a passion for beautiful fabrics and decor with unlimited energy when it comes to working with clients to transform their homes. Heather is your go-to person to make gorgeous a reality!

  • Sue Mabaso
    Sue Mabaso BEADER

    Sue has been beading for over fifteen years. She is a perfectionist and her work is meticulous. Calm under pressure she makes sure we meet our deadlines every time.

  • Liza Bouwer
    Liza Bouwer Seamstress

    Liza is our seamstress par excellence! Calm and unflappable with and amazing , and rare ability to work both meticulously and fast. Liza keeps things moving efficiently and quickly.

  • Lorah Phampa
    Lorah Phampa BEADER

    Lorah is both a brilliant and experienced beader as well as the resident DJ making sure we have good music to work to. You can hear her laughter all the way down the passage. She is the life and soul of the studio.  

  • Bridgette Khalane
    Bridgette Khalane PRODUCTION MANAGER

    Bridgette is both our expert dyer and production manager in the studio. Nothing goes out until it has passed her critical eye. She has been dying cloth for almost two decades and can match any colour swatch our clients throw at her to perfection.

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